FAQs / PIE Day 101

Why PIE?

Public; Intentional; Explicit = the standard for an affirming welcome of LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people. Read more about PIE below.

Why Pi?

Love is a circle. It’s irrational, inclusive, and infinite. And we’re delighted to add an Affirming twist to International Pi Day celebrations on 3.14, March 14.

Why pie?

Why not! Mmmmm…pie. Is there anything it can’t do?

Can anyone participate?


We hope that every faith community, organization, and individual who wants to will celebrate National Affirming Day! If you are a faith community or church you don’t have to be officially ‘affirming’ (wondering what we mean?) to host an event. Our co-founders, Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble and Affirming Connections, happen to be rooted in the United Church of Canada tradition, but we invite people of all faiths and backgrounds to celebrate this Day!

Are there any guidelines?

We have a How To page and a full list of PIE Day ideas here!

We ask you to keep in mind that if you host an event or activity, you are publicly showing your full affirmation of LGBTQ2SIA+ folks and are showing your commitment to continuing this journey. Doing a PIE event means that you take LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusivity seriously, even while having all of the pie fun!

If you use our materials or if we share your event, it is not an endorsement. Rather, we want to be a part of letting people know about the amazing, diverse, and inclusive things happening in our churches, communities, cities, and across Canada.

Who are you again?

Two most excellent groups who want to work with you! Learn more about us here.

What are some PIE Examples?

We get it that it’s a quirky acronym, but its definitions have helped us form a framework around what inclusivity can look and feel like. For a comprehensive list of the origins, actions, and examples of what Public, Intentional, and Explicit affirmation look like, check out the official PIE document here.