Watch the PIE Video!

Brand new Affirming PIE Video Released!

Brought to you by Affirming Connections and Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble.

Join our pie-loving hosts Stéphane and Pam as they introduce us to PIE and as Affirming ministries tell their stories about their Public, Intentional, and Explicit work and welcome for the LGBTQ2SIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two Spirit, Intersex, Asexual, +) community.

Reflect on your own recipes and possibilities for further LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusion in your community!

This video is completely free to download and stream through Vimeo.



Video concept, script, and design: Pam Rocker and Julie Graham

A huge slice of thank you’s to our hosts:

- Stéphane Youdom


- Pam Rocker

This video was partially made possible by the generous individual donors of the Gifts with Vision program of the United Church of Canada. Your donations and alternative Christmas gifts made our PIE storytelling dream a reality.

Affirming Connections and its Director, Pam Rocker, produced this video to continue their mandate to strengthen and amplify the affirming actions of inclusive faith communities in the Calgary area, and beyond, and to be in the public square for issues of faith and justice.

Affirming Connections is currently funded by St. Andrews Regional Ministries and the Calgary Presbytery of United Churches.

Thank you to the Affirming ministries who told your PIE stories and showed us how to keep the Affirming welcome fresh and delicious:

Special thanks to Sidewalk Citizen Bakery in Calgary for the location!

  • This video cannot be edited without written permission.

Examples of questions you can use after you watch or share the video:

Did one story or person stand out for you? 

How is the ministry or group you're involved in offering a Public, Intentional, and/ or Explicit welcome to LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people?

Where could you widen your welcome? Is one of the letters in PIE more challenging than others? Easier than others? 

What are opportunities and needs your community of faith or organization could work with, right here in your own community?

Big ideas and small steps are equally important.  

About our PIE Video Hosts:

Stéphane Youdom.png

Stéphane Youdom is a mathematician, designer, artist, and playwright. His roots arose from a beautiful village in the west Cameroonian mountains called Batié.

As a racialized, queer, non-gender conforming individual, he knows there is much to be done, and his Christian faith fuels his work.

He has worked with Vielbunt and Homosexuel und Kirche, two associations dedicated to educate people about the LGBTQ2S+ in Germany, Rainbow of Africa - an afro- Caribbean LGBTQ+ association in Montreal, and now with the Francoqueers de l’Ouest in Edmonton, Alberta.

“I advocate for the education of francophone communities, schools and entities across Alberta so the rainbow community can be understood, respected and be proud. I feel pride when I cross the doors of affirming churches. Because they’ve made the commitment to embrace diversity in every form and shape, every colour and shade and came out as affirming. We cannot stop coming out. We have to keep raising the flag high and affirm that God loves us as we are. That everyone is enough, just as God made them, and that LGBTQ+ community knows they belong."

Pam Rocker is an atypical activist, award-winning writer, musician and speaker. Pam is most well known for bridging the imposed binaries of queer and faith identities, by working alongside faith leaders and communities who want to become more Affirming, and working with queer folks who desire to practice their faith and to live in the fullness of their identity. She has been doing this work for almost a decade.

Pam is currently the Director of Affirming Connections, an organization that fosters values of advocacy, affirmation and activism within faith communities in the Calgary region.

She was chosen as one of Calgary's Top 40 Under 40 and her play, heterophobia, was recently made into a music video to the song “Don’t Ever Look Back” by Canadian band Shred Kelly."

Main PIE Video Production:

Downtime Productions, Calgary

Producer/Director: Leah Nicholson

Cinematographer: Dan Crittenden

Editor/Mixer: Kevin Weir

Production Designer: Amanda Nicholson

Colourist: Kila Price

Boom Op: Andrew Tucker