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How To

Celebrate National Affirming/PIE Day!

Pick A Date

Next National Affirming/PIE Day is Saturday, March 20, 2020.

You can plan something for that day, or any time that week!

Pick Your Ingredients

Get your church or community group together and plan a gathering, workshop, concert, conversation, movie night, open mic, or anything you imagine! It’s okay to start off with a bite-sized piece!

Tell your own PIE stories: Examples of your *LGBTQ2SIA+ welcome that are and have been:

Public, Intentional, and Explicit.


  • Click here for a full PIE event planning list to get you started with lots of juicy tips and ideas!

  • Host a community open mic/ coffeehouse for all stories. Eat lots of delicious pie (and everything else you consider delicious).

  • Host a queer-themed film night with a popcorn or pie, and discussion after.

  • Re-ignite your action groups that work towards inclusion and diversity and make a plan for the coming year!

  • Host a workshop with a guest queer-identified speaker on the topics your community is curious about. Come up with some bite sized ideas and note them down for ongoing action.

  • Have a “Chew and Chat” event where you eat pie and spend time talking about how LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit rights and dignity could be advanced in your context and community. 

  • Do a bake sale where all funds go to your ongoing Affirming efforts, or your local Pride or LGBTQ2SIA+ organization that supports or advocates for queer folks.

  • Partner with a local community group to host an event on sexual health, LGBTQ2SIA+ 101, faith and queer intersections, or another tasty topic!

*(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual+)

Bake and Serve!

You have your date and event - now what? We can help!

We have ready-to-bake media files that will help you advertise your PIE event! We invite you to use our templates and images, and to let people know through your website, bulletin, social media, media release, or however you can get the word out.

Want us to share your PIE event? Fill out the official event form here.